How Augmented Reality Is Pushing Remote Assistance To New Heights

As the augmented reality market propels forward, led largely by AR glasses sales, we begin to see a myriad of applications in remote assistance and maintenance. Take for example CITIC Telecom CPC, who recently launched a new augmented reality-based maintenance system aimed at helping improve the efficiency of data center maintenance workers.

Their product, AR Remote Hand, uses AR glasses to stream all sorts of information to their engineers and technicians. In this case, CITIC Telecom CPC workers now have a wealth of knowledge sent to them from teams working remotely.

CITIC Telecom CPC is not the only company in the industry who is realizing the benefits of AR. Here are some other companies successfully offering similar remote assistance solutions:

Considering tremendous growth expected in the Augmented Reality Remote Assistance Software Market with a compound annual growth rate of 57.36 % during the period of 2020 to 2025 (MarketWatch), it is the best time to consider some of the options available out there.

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1) Providing Immediate Access to Solutions

No matter how far away your support teams or maintenance experts are at the time of a problem, on site technicians can have access to help significantly sooner.

This means that experts and professionals across every field now have the option to switch over much of their operation to a virtual format. From mechanics to handymen, remote assistance is speeding up the game.

2) Supplying the right tools for complex tasks

For companies like CITIC Telecom CPC, technologies like this are in high demand as the types of equipment and devices used in their data centers become increasingly complex and difficult to maintain.

Previously, employees at CITIC Telecom CPC found themselves having trouble communicating complex information via phone or email. Now they have real-time visuals along with a plethora of additional features, like historical records analysis and AR-guided installation.

For experts across all fields, every project turns into a recorded interaction which continues to hold value even when the task is complete.

3) Freeing up your hands for the important things

Thanks to this new way of displaying information in real-time, workers enjoy the luxury of keeping their focus on the task at hand, literally.

Every professional knows that bringing another tool to work means having one more thing to pack or carry with you; however, tools like AR Remote Hand do just the opposite. It’s a luxury you just can’t beat.

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4) Supporting Multi-tech environments

Not only do augmented reality tools allow for hands-free assistance for complex tasks, but it gives engineers the opportunity to work in unison with other engineers regardless of barriers like language, distance, and differing skill sets.

This means that growing your business alongside other professionals in your industry is made easy, regardless of how their skills and fields differ.

5) Fulfilling a Demand for remote safety

Another one of the reasons we see companies like CITIC Telecom CPC investing in AR tools is their need to keep their workers safe amidst Covid-19. However, there are other big reasons companies are enjoying keeping their distance:

  • Reduce travel expenses, thus remaining eco-friendly as well
  • Significantly decreases in wait times
  • Eliminates certain human errors
  • Creates a way for employees to save and log work for future use

Augmented reality solutions are growing in popularity among people who seek more advanced tools to keep up with more advanced tasks; however, AR solutions are not limited to the world of data centers and super computers.

Anyone who strives to offer their expertise for consumers who need professional assistance should remember the many advantages mentioned above regarding remote assistance and the power of AR:

  1. Immediate Help, From Anywhere
  2. Conquer Complex Tasks, Remotely
  3. Hands-Free Capabilities
  4. Supports Multi-Tech Environments

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