With Black Friday coming up, everyone is searching high and low for deals that will make the season of gift-giving easier to manage. That’s why we’ve done a bit of searching ourselves to show you some of our favorite deals on items that would be perfect for anyone who loves DIYing and participating in their own home improvement projects.

Our list is not random, as we have good reason to point you in the direction of DIY renovation this holiday season.

The home improvement industry has seen some major spikes in recent months as the pandemic forces us all to…

Exchanging gifts over the holidays is always a wholesome event; however, choosing the perfect items can be difficult and time-consuming. While playing it safe and handing out a bit of cash typically keeps the younger crowds happy, sometimes you must simply put in maximum effort for the special people in your life.

Since we enjoy encouraging people to build and create new things, our holiday gift list includes our favorite DIY kits from a wide range of activities.

For Crafting Enthusiasts

Our physical world crawls closer each day to becoming indistinguishable from that of our virtual one. Our virtual world encompasses a global network of information both past and present, yet it can be reached and contained from any location on Earth. As our physical spaces become disrupted, we are forced to rely on technologies that breach the barriers of space and time.

However, our global community is now facing a universal threat to physical space with the introduction of COVID-19. As a result, businesses have fast-tracked their adoption of certain technologies and significantly improved upon others. …

The health of your home says a lot about a person, that’s why we believe it is every homeowner’s duty to maintain their home as best they can. We want to see men and women who are ready and able to fix leaky faucets, replace broken door knobs and repair or restore broken furniture.

Being your own handyman or handywoman is incredibly rewarding and fulfilling, but you need to start with some basics before thinking about ditching the pros. Here’s a list of carpentry skills we think you ought to know.

Taking Measurements

Knowing how to properly read a tape measure goes…

It’s not until something new goes wrong in your house that you then realize how ill-equipped you are to solve the problem yourself.

Every task having to do with home improvement, no matter how small, will inevitably require you to possess some sort of specialized tool or material. That being said, there are a handful of tools that always seem to find their way into our toolboxes and work belts, no matter what the job is. Let’s go over the top 5 tools we think every DIYer like yourself should own.

While a majority of the population seems to be aware of augmented reality, we still often overlook some its most promising use cases. Moreover, businesses need to adapt to the changing climate and make AR experiences more available to the newly demanding market. When considering today’s applications for high-quality augmented reality, people often bunch AR and VR together because of virtual reality’s success in the entertainment industry.

However, augmented reality is slowly proving itself among the retail industry by winning over the hearts of shoppers, as 32% of consumers in 2020 are using AR while shopping. …

Featuring Lianna Piccetti

Soap Assortment By Lianna

Lianna sits with me at a marble island in her San Francisco home, surrounded by a myriad of DIY projects and hand made sculptures. From growing her own succulents to crafting feathered art pieces, she can do just about everything.

We wanted to share with you Lianna’s long-time excitement for DIY and see what it is that has led her to turn this passion into a business. Moreover, we hope that her work encourages you to get your hands dirty and see where your talents may take you.

As we all grow older and develop a routine and rhythm to our lifestyles, it is often easy to become content with what we know and subsequently miss out on new learning opportunities.

Think briefly about the skills you have and those which you desire to learn. Think now about every person you know and of each skill they have which you do not possess. What is stopping you from acquiring those skills?

Moreover, how would your life differ should you come to learn all these new things? Let us help you form some answers.

We want to remind you…

Of all the industries negatively affected by Covid-19, home improvement is not on the list. Home Depot recorded year over year increases in sales of 23.4%, hitting just over $38 billion for Q2.

Another thing that may surprise you is knowing that the key drivers behind these sales are millennials, according to a poll from Bank of America. Moreover, BoA found that only 30% of people aren’t starting home improvement projects this year. So you might be wondering what’s making people start new projects and choose to do the work themselves?

1) People are leaving major cities

If you live…

As the augmented reality market propels forward, led largely by AR glasses sales, we begin to see a myriad of applications in remote assistance and maintenance. Take for example CITIC Telecom CPC, who recently launched a new augmented reality-based maintenance system aimed at helping improve the efficiency of data center maintenance workers.

Their product, AR Remote Hand, uses AR glasses to stream all sorts of information to their engineers and technicians. In this case, CITIC Telecom CPC workers now have a wealth of knowledge sent to them from teams working remotely.

CITIC Telecom CPC is not the only company in…


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