9 Holiday Gifts That Will Make Any DIYer Smile

Exchanging gifts over the holidays is always a wholesome event; however, choosing the perfect items can be difficult and time-consuming. While playing it safe and handing out a bit of cash typically keeps the younger crowds happy, sometimes you must simply put in maximum effort for the special people in your life.

Since we enjoy encouraging people to build and create new things, our holiday gift list includes our favorite DIY kits from a wide range of activities.

For Crafting Enthusiasts

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1) Bonsai Starter Kit

DID YOU KNOW that the oldest Bonsai tree in the world is located in Italy and estimated to be over 1,000 years old? See how long you can give life to your own with this Bonsai Starter Kit from Amazon.

Image From Etsy.com

2) DIY Candle Making Kit

DID YOU KNOW that the proper way to extinguish a candle is not by blowing it out, but rather by covering it and depriving it of oxygen? Blowing it out produces soot, smoke and can sometimes send hot wax projectiles flying! Keep this helpful advice in mind after gifting this DIY Candle Making Kit from Etsy.

Image From Etsy.com

3) DIY Face Mask Making Kit

DID YOU KNOW that using a clay face mask can increase blood circulation in your face, helping your skin regenerate and give off a brighter look? Brighten up someone’s day with this DIY Clay Face Mask Kit from Etsy.

A Treat For Your Palate

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4) DIY Whisky Infusion Kit

DID YOU KNOW that “whiskey” is a Gaelic word meaning “water of life?” Have fun telling the receiver of this DIY Whiskey Infusion Kit that they need to “mix in a water” at the party.

Image From Etsy.com

5) Ultimate Meat Kit

DID YOU KNOW that about 1% of Americans both self-identify as vegetarian and have reported NEVER eating meat? Just make sure the receiver of this Ultimate Meat Kit isn’t a part of that 1%.

Image From UncommonGoods.com

6) DIY Hot Sauce Kit

DID YOU KNOW that you can become addicted to hot sauce since it forces your body to release natural painkillers as a response to the irritation in your nose and mouth? Luckily chilis are cholesterol free and full of vitamins, so go crazy with this DIY Hot Sauce Kit from Uncommon Goods.

Image From Amazon.com

7) Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit

DID YOU KNOW that multiple variations of herbal bouquets will deter insects? Keep bugs away and your kitchen full of fresh ingredients with this Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit from Amazon.

For Getting Work Done

While we don’t quite have any fun facts about these next two gifts, we can assure you what these items lack in trivia, they make up for in versatility and usefulness around the house.

8) Handyman Kit

This basic, yet complete, Handyman Kit from Amazon is the perfect gift for any DIYer who enjoys getting their hands dirty with fun new projects or simply keeping things in tip-top shape around the house.

Image From Amazon.com

9) Gardening Toolkit

This Gardening Toolkit from Amazon is an awesome item for anyone with, or without, a knack for gardening. If you’re not going to give someone a Bonsai kit, this may be the next place to look!

We hope you enjoy our holiday gift list. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more DIY tips and cool articles! Enjoy the holidays!

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